Welcome to our Jan 21 day challenge!

This challenge is designed to be in addition to whatever fitness routine you currently follow, which is why it includes very reasonable sets of exercises, and includes things that we don’t often focus on in our daily lives such as nurturing relationships, reaching out to friends, trying new things and focusing on increasing hydration.  You are encouraged to use this challenge as a springboard to build these things into your daily routine and in doing so it is the hope that you will feel better mentally and physically as a result.

Look out for encouraging emails throughout the 20 days, and feel free to let me know how you are doing and how this month’s challenge has been for you.  Below is a reminder of your challenge:

Jan 24 1 mile walk/bike/hike/run
Jan 25 Do a good deed
Jan 26 30 minute workout
Jan 27 Try a new recipe
Jan 28 Drink 4x 16oz of water
Jan 29 25 walking lunges
Jan 30 Buy a friend a coffee
Jan 31 30 minutes of cardio
Feb 1 Eat 4 cups vegetables
Feb 2 25 Situps
Feb 3 Eat no sugar today
Feb 4 Reconnect with an old friend
Feb 5 30 minutes of stretching
Feb 6 1 mile walk/hike/run
Feb 7 Do a good deed
Feb 8 25 Push ups
Feb 9 Drink 4x 16oz of water
Feb 10 10 Burpees
Feb 11 Try a new recipe
Feb 12 30 minute workout
Feb 13 Plan a night out