8 Week Small Group Nutrition/Cooking/Exercise program

$75/Week for the in person class. $60/week to do it online

Commit to F.I.T.Sign up now to join the next class beginning May 11th. This weekly small group class provides a great opportunity for weight loss, nutritional advice and learning how to cook healthy meals from scratch. In this small group atmosphere, clients enjoy spending time together weekly, supporting and encouraging one another as they learn and work towards their health and wellness goals as a group.

Grab a couple of friends and sign up as a group together. If I have a group of three ready to start, I can be flexible with the start day and date.

“Janine, what an excellent group we were. You with your smile and positive energy. I learned so much about cooking, eating, and exercising. I know that I have a ways to go to lose weight so I hope that I can continue. We had so much fun 🤩!”

“Commit to Fit “ is well worth the investment to improve wellness and well being. The program is fun, interesting, and informative. All  this while focusing on our physical fitness, better nutrition, and having a great group of people, especially Janine, to support and encourage each other in our journeys. I’m glad I made this “commitment”, thanks Janine.”

“Commit to fit is definitely worth the investment! I really learned a lot about nutrition and now have the tools to continue my desire to eat healthy, fresh foods and maintain my health for a long time to come. I learned new cooking tips and loved having new recipes to try. I enjoyed being in the small group and getting to to know everyone better. It was nice to support and encourage each other. Working out as a group is a plus for me! We had a lot of fun! Janine has put a lot of time, energy and knowledge into the course and she is so positive and enthusiastic! I looked forward to class every week!”

Commit to F.I.T.In person Classes

Maximum 3 people
Wednesdays 11-2pm
Next class begins May 11th
$75/week for in person
On-line 8 week program for $60/week.
Start anytime.

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Includes:Workout. Cooking class. Lunch. Discussion.Includes Recipe book, study book and weekly workbook

Email: ninimyers@gmail.com to sign up
Payment options: paypal, venmo, check or credit card.