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Our bodies are designed to move. Running, walking, climbing stairs, sitting down and standing up, reaching, crouching, twisting. In order to maximize our body’s movement potential and ensure we keep moving and grooving with energy and vitality as we age, it is necessary to incorporate regular exercise into our daily routine.

We burn a certain amount of calories going about our daily tasks, more or less depending on how active our daily routine is. However, more often than not we consume more calories than we burn, causing us to gain weight, lose energy and often we become lethargic and depressed as a result. Ultimately we become ill from a lack of activity, which makes us even less likely or able to become active. It’s a vicious circle.

Regular, purposeful and varied exercise is our best friend. It enables us to burn fat, regain energy, lose weight and feel so much better psychologically as well as physically. It strengthens our muscles and heart, as well as energizing and focusing our mind. We can avoid and sometimes reverse many lifestyle related illnesses such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and metabolic syndrome.

So take my advice, get up off that couch and move your body!