“While watching the January 2013 Football playoffs, I realized that I weighed more than every single NFL Player on every team.  In fact, I outweighed even the Line Backers and Blockers by 60 or 70 pounds.  When I finally got to an “honest” scale, I was at 388 pounds – 12 pounds from weighing 400 pounds!  That’s when I decided I had to do something immediately to get my weight under control and at least down to the mid-200’s.”  

To read more about Sandy’s ongoing weight loss journey with Janine, click below:

“Janine’s positive attitude and bubbly personality will make you feel welcome and ready to exercise the minute you walk in the door. She is a great motivator and very enthusiastic to share her knowledge of fitness and health. I have been working out with Janine for a couple of years now.  I started out with zumba and enjoyed it so much I decided to try all her other classes.  Last year I injured my knee and Janine has taught me some modifications for all the classes to allow me to continue exercising. I also do a small group class with my sister at her house once a week. Janine will encourage you and work with you through any injuries/limitations you may have.  She changes up the exercises weekly so you are never bored! I always feel so good after our session.”

Kathy Moore


“I’ve been taking exercise classes with Janine at the Community Center since the spring of 2012 when she started a Zumba class. I enjoyed her classes so much that when she offered Yoga, Pilates and Barre classes, I signed up for them as well. Janine has been my exercise motivator and has provided excellent tips which have led me to a healthier diet and lifestyle. I’ve managed to lose weight, become more toned and have increased my energy level significantly. I will continue taking classes with Janine and I recommend her highly as a personal trainer!  She’s the best!!”

Patty Franklin


“Janine’s welcoming smile, energy, humor and encouragement throughout each workout session, makes you forget the pain your body will feel the next morning!”

Pat Peavy


“Thanks to Janine and her Zumba-Toning and Cardio Strength Training classes, I have lost 40 pounds.  But, better yet, I have improved my overall health & fitness.  She is a great instructor who never fails to get you into the “exercising mood” with her enthusiastic motivation and personality!”

Sue St. Onge


“Exercising with Janine is FUN and I look forward to the classes. The classes are perfect for all levels because Janine shows how to modify. I feel so much better about myself since participating in her classes.”

Nancy Steeves


“After suffering a chronic back problem for years which limited my lifestyle, I started working with Janine as a personal  trainer. She has been amazing! Her approach is individualized, encouraging and supportive. I now am stronger, healthier & able to engage in a wide variety of activities including a return to group exercise classes (taught by Janine, of course!). She has always been my coach & cheerleader & I consider myself lucky to have met her!”

Anita Pavlidis


“I love Janine ‘s Zumba toning classes. when you find an instructor that shares your motivation for fitness and health it is a wellness plan for life.”

Mary Cormier