June 3rd.  Walk 2 miles

June 4th.   Outside: 30 jumping jacks.  30 walking lunges.

June 5th.   4 mile bike ride or 1 mile jog or 2 mile walk.

June 6th    Outside:  30 push ups.  30 squats.

June 7th.   Walk 3 miles

June 8th.  Outside:  10 minutes of super skaters

June 9th.  Bike 5 miles or jog 1.5 miles or walk 3 miles.

June 10th. Outside:  10 minutes of skipping.

June 11th.  Walk 4 miles or jog 1.5 miles.

June 12th.  Outside:  20 jacks.  20 walking lunges.  20 bird dogs.  20 crunches

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