Sprouted Pea Shoots

This is easier to do than you might imagine.


Anything sprouted is exponentially more nutritious.  There are many options for sprouting, and you can use sprouting jars for things like alfalfa and mung beans.  Pea shoots need to grow differently though, and the method below is really fool proof.  I enjoy these pea shoots every morning on my breakfast along with a pile of mung bean sprouts.  Both totally delicious and nutritious!

Dried peas (there are two kinds, both edible and great on salads)

Soak peas overnight

Prepare a container (I used an oblong Tupperware container) with a small clean dish cloth folded in the bottom.  Soak the towel with water, and spread soaked peas over the surface.  Put the lid on lightly and leave a day or two making sure to keep plenty of water in the bottom.  Once the shoots begin to grow, you can leave the lid off and put the container near a window to help the shoots get nice and green once fully grown.  The whole process will take about a week.

Cut off the fully grown pea shoots about 1/2″ from the base and use as a garnish or in salads.  Continue to water and the pease will keep re growing once they are cut.  Eventually there will be no more growth and the lease will be done.

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